T8168B BACnetâ„¢ Proportional Thermostat

The T8168B-2 BACnet™ thermostat seamlessly integrates with building automation systems (BAS), Providing efficient communication and control via Wi-Fi or MTPS (Modbus TCP/IP).

The T8168B-2 thermostat is designed to meet a variety of configuration needs including;  operation for ON-OFF, Three Wire Floating, and 0-10 VDC devices. It delivers precision digital outputs for valves, dampers, relays and fans with BACnet™ integration. Single set point technology provides simple accurate control of temperature settings. 

Temperature Control

  • 2 Heat/ 2Cool ON/OFF
  • 1 Heat/ 1Cool Three Wire Floating
  • 1 Heat/ 1Cool 0-10 VDC

Fan Control

  • One 0-10 VDC Fan
  • Up to Three 24 VAC Fan Speeds

BACnet ™ is a trademark of ASHRAE


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