L117 OEM SERIES Commercial Grade High Limit Thermostat

The commercial grade L117 series incorporates a negative bias temperature sensing element. The bulb and capillary type sensor accurately senses temperature at the bulb location to provide overtemperature protection. Additionally, if the unit is mechanically damaged resulting in loss of sensor fill fluid, such as by a broken capillary tube, the switch contacts will operate as if a high temperature condition has occurred. These controls are available as type M2 or automatic reset devices. M2 devices (LB117 series) are manual reset controls that will not automatically reset even though the reset plunger is held depressed. Automatic reset devices (LC117 series) will operate the contacts at the temperature setpoint and will automatically reset their contacts when the temperature is reduced. The L117 thermostats are all available with either line voltage or millivolt ratings.

  • Construction Variables to Meet Diverse Specifications
  • High Level of Accuracy and Sensitivity
  • Remote Sensing available in Copper and Stainless Steel
  • Multi-Positional Mounting Offers Flexibility in New or Existing Installations
  • UL, UL Canada, CSA, CE Approved

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