T4932SCH School Thermostat

Performance PRO T4900SCH delivers a rich set of climate control functions specifically engineered for school settings. These include, teacher button for occupancy verification, CO2 capability for demand control ventilation, as well as 7-day, 5-1-1, 5-2 and non-programming modes.

SD memory card interface enables users to perform fast programming and configuring for large-project installations. T4900SCH offers some of the most advanced commercial thermostat functions. In addition to the series functions, it supports; dual-fuel, programmable fan, remote indoor, outdoor and occupancy sensors, also 3-levels of PIN access lockout. IAQ Models are enabled for controlling economizer/damper output and humidification/ dehumidification.

PerformancePRO™ School Series

  • Teacher button (program enable) activating occupied mode to next event.
  • 7 Day, 5-1-1, 5-2, non-programmable modes
  • Preoccupancy fan purge
  • Programmable & intermittent fan
  • Up to 3 Heat / 2 Cool
  • 3 Levels of keypad lockout with PIN access
  • CA Building Code and Title 24 compliance
  • Compressor & auxiliary lockout for dual fuel (fossil) or electric auxiliary heat
  • Heating / Cooling LED indicator
  • Occupancy sensor setback input
  • Remote indoor sensor support

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